Binario √® una realt√† giovane e dinamica nata per proporsi alle imprese quale partner strategico nella crescita su internet e come supporto nella gestione delle reti informatiche aziendali.


L'esperienza ed il continuo aggiornamento professionale ci permettono di offrire i migliori servizi di promozione web e realizzare prodotti internet ed intranet utilizzando le migliori tecnologie client e server-side con particolare attenzione alla sicurezza.




2014-04-23T13:58:00Z | (Taylor Armerding)
Ilio Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, a Swiss information security company, gave the keynote address on governments' role in cybersecurity this past Sunday at the Regional cybersecurity Summit in Oman.
2014-04-18T17:20:00Z | (Lucian Constantin)
Security researchers have found that many satellite communication systems have vulnerabilities and design flaws that can let remote attackers intercept, manipulate, block and in some cases take full control of critical communications.
2014-04-03T14:48:00Z | (Lucian Constantin)
Home routers and other consumer embedded devices are plagued by basic vulnerabilities and can't be easily secured by non-technical users, which means they'll likely continue to be targeted in what has already become an increasing trend of mass attacks.
2014-03-21T01:04:00Z | (Jeremy Kirk)
Web servers running a long-outdated version of the Linux kernel were attacked with dramatic speed over two days last week, Cisco Systems said on Thursday.
2014-03-17T13:55:00Z | (Lucian Constantin)
An archive containing transaction records from Mt. Gox that was released on the Internet last week by the hackers who compromised the blog of Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles also contains bitcoin-stealing malware for Windows and Mac.
2014-03-06T12:18:00Z | (Lucian Constantin)
Cisco Systems released new firmware versions for some of its small business routers and wireless LAN controllers in order to address vulnerabilities that could allow remote attackers to compromise the vulnerable devices or affect their availability.
2014-03-06T12:18:00Z | (Lucian Constantin)
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